Cloud Permissions for Test Merchant – “Access not authorized for the requested to the resource /tokenize/charge”

I receive a 401 after firing a {/businesses/01fab77e-a21b-4767-a15b-a3e7fcf92624/cards/tokenize/charge} request for a test merchant. This is the response that I’m getting.

{“code”:“UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS”,“httpStatus”:401,“message”:“Access not authorized for the requested resource.”,“developerMessage”:“Unauthorized access attempt. This principal does not have access to this resource.”,“requestId”:“eab4faf2-07a2-4ba3-9105-d8f424a4fe28”}

I have already set the permissions for my test merchant.

I use the same token to get the catalogs, look for products and it works fine. Can anyone suggest a workaround for this and is this a problem related only with the test merchants or does live/ active merchants also have this issue ?