Card id different for contact and contactless transaction


During our testings we’ve noticed that for the same card, the cardid generated for a contact transaction is different from the one generated for a contactless transaction. We retrieve this information on the terminal and from the cloud using “Get all transaction” calls. is it the right behaviour ?

In addition to that, we’ve noticed that in the transaction list returned by the API, there is an id to identify the customer (customerUserId). Is it a unique id per card ?

Many thanks for your help

Hi Hania,
The cardId will be unique per card. If the card information varies based on the interface then the cardId changes.
The customerUserId is unique per card per merchant.

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Hi Deepak,

Many thanks for your feedback. This means that if the card informations are different (PAN/Expiry date) between the contact and contactless app on the card. The card id will vary ?
The customer id also varies depending on the transaction type.

By the way since october, 10th, the card id and the customer id are not generated for the contactless transaction (value NULL is returned). Did you make any modification on your side ?