Cant create order with transaction details using API


Hi to all,

I can create an order without transaction it placed in my test merchant account and also able to view the order in my simulator device. But If I add transaction information like card details and amounts with in order it will not work. I have received this error message No record found for the business < businessId >.

I want to proceed an order with debit and credit card payments through API. I don’t know python my whole script in PHP.

In our application we send only card number,expiry date with cvv and amount is enough to create transactions for particular order id?

I don’t have clear idea what are the values, have to send to the corresponding attributes.

My sample json code below. If any parameters wrong and let me know.


Hi Suresh,

You need to do a few things:

  1. Remove transaction information from the order. You should never need to set it there.
  2. Make sure your Order context has business id, store id and storeDeviceId. If the order is externally_processed you should use your appId as the value of “storeDeviceId”

I am trying to do the same thing for payment gateway. Did you created the order with transaction details using api