APP Gift Card Manager - purchase message both at the download and for internal features


users of our app - Gift Card Manager- both when downloading the app from the marketplace and when using it (for example accessing the internal feature “gift card creation”), are invited to purchase the monthly subscription (at the moment at no cost given the commercial promo in place) … apart from the fact that the request to subscribe at the download works while in-app for the internal features no (FYI: our developers are working on it), the message should only be displayed in one of the two cases.

Initially we decided to keep the app free at the download and keep some of the internal features like “create gift card” at 9.90 € per month (free until 31/12 thanks to a promo decided by NEXI).

Can we remove the purchase message at the download and keep it only for internal features?

Let me know. Many thanks, Ilaria

Yes we can do that, please send the planId and the package name to