Billing Service, getSubscriptions error 27

Hi, actually i’m having the same problem, i’m calling the billing service in this way:

billingService.getPlans(BuildConfig.APPLICATION_ID, requestId, new IPoyntInAppBillingServiceListener.Stub() {…}

and with the emulator i always have this answer–>{“list”:[],“start”:0,“total”:0} .
When i try with mi terminal poynt the answer is like this --> PoyntError{code=27, httpStatusCode=0, apiErrorCode=null, reason=‘null’, data=‘null’, requestId=‘null’, throwable=}.

I read the lines above and run the “adb” command and my VersionCode is:19090002 targetSdk=26
and my SN is: P6SW189JS001127.

Could you help me please, i don’t understand the problem?

follow the steps below

  • Kill Poynt store - adb shell am force-stop
  • Login to the user again from the home screen

Try calling billing service